Foreword from President of the JJEU

Robert Perc

Dear friends!

It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you all again in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, at European Championship for Aspirants. Every big event, like the European Championship, this year followed by another great event - the German Open tournament, is an opportunityfor meeting friends, making new friendships, but also for practicing not only what we havetrained for, but also values and principles our sport and our organizations are believing in,such us clean sport, fair play and ethics, already known to the ancient samurais.

After three months from the last championship and General Assembly in Gent, Belgium,we meet again, this time for a younger generation of athletes.
I would especially like to thank DJJV for accepting this big challenge - their organizational skills have been tested, but also proven on many occasions. That being said, I would also like to mention that an event like this cannot be organized without a support of local organizations, local community, sponsors and, of course, many volunteers. Without them, we could not have successful organization and, therefore, I am using this opportunity alsoto thank them for their time, assistance and support for the organization.

We should not forget that we are not alone in the world and that our interest is to have ju-jitsu strong worldwide. In the week of our championship the Asian Beach Games are taking place in Vietnam and ju-jitsu is apart of the event. As the Ju-Jitsu International Federation's electoral Congress is organized a few days before, we shall also have a new JJIF President elected. With that, the new JJIF Board will be established and many projects, objectives and opportunities lies ahead of its members. And in November we shal lmeet in another European country, Poland, for the JJIF World Championships for Seniors.

Dear friends, athletes, coaches, referees, parents, supporters! Thank you all for being apart of ju-jitsu. I wish you all have a great time in Gelsenkirchen.
And for those who will be in the centre of attention and action, the athletes, I wish to stressagain our wishes for good performance, good results and, beyond all, our wish that youremain ambassadors of skills, knowledge, fair play and the spirit of ju-jitsu. You are thereason we are here!

Robert Perc, JJEU President

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  • Ju-jitsu European Union
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